In other families, parents remain focused on the children and cooperate with each other to provide their children with a healthy emotional environment. Children from these families have a good chance of turning out to be normal, well-adjusted, happy kids. While there certainly is reason for concern, there is plenty of room for hope.  I support individual parents going through breakups and provide co-parenting counseling through mutual agreement or by Court Order.


For the past 20 years I have provided a court ordered divorce education program called Kids First to over 25,000 parents. I have helped 2000+ more in my private practice. Services include:

  • Creating a functional and emotionally healthy two-home family
  • Protecting children from parental conflict
  • Facilitating and supporting individual parents through periods of grief
  • Helping children cope with emotional and behavioral problems
  • Coaching parents in dealing with and uncooperative ex
  • Developing child centered custody plans

Consider taking Dr. Muklewicz's parent divorce education class called Kids First.

Parental Breakups, Divorce & Family Conflict


This drawing was made by a nine-year-old little girl. It clearly reflects the risk that accompanies conflicted parental breakups. Studies tell us that some children get hurt while others seem to turn out okay. In some families, divorcing parents provide an emotional environment that is full of dysfunction, conflict, anger, chaos, and turmoil. Children from these families are at risk for a variety of emotional, academic, social, and behavior problems.

Chet Muklewicz, EDD
Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist