A combination of individual and family therapy will be used to facilitate skill & character development. Skills include helping children to understand and express their feelings effectively, improve impulse control and resiliency, learn to soothe themselves, and reduce acting out behavior. Parents will be guided in nurturing character development in their children, including such traits as being thoughtful, respectful, kind, responsible, and self-directed.



About half of my patients are children, from toddlers to adolescents. Common problems include anxiety, phobias, separation anxiety, OCD, ADHD, oppositional behavior, acting out, school problems, and adjustment disorders. With a specialty in family therapy, I generally include parents in the therapy, as parent-child relationships are critical to establishing and maintaining new behaviors.

Chet Muklewicz, EDD
Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist


Adolescence is a time where a child faces the pressures of many changes. There are physical changes as puberty develop and a heightened  awareness of self emerges. There is a powerful sensitivity to social opinion and an increased influence of peers. There is a growing  desire for independence.and corresponding resistance to parental authority. It is a time when dating begins. There is a profound influence of social media. A combination of individual and family therapy is used to address adolescent issues, such as: anxiety, depression, school problems, relationship problems, oppositional behavior, aggression or substance abuse.